This documentation details the Organization data model for developers integrating with the API. The model captures essential information about organizations, such as companies or institutions, which can be associated with various resources like job listings.

Model Properties

  • name (String): The name of the organization. This field is trimmed to remove excess whitespace.

  • category (String): The category of the organization, such as 'Non-profit', 'Educational', 'Corporate', etc. This field is also trimmed.

  • description (String): A brief description of the organization, outlining its main activities, mission, or purpose. This field is trimmed to ensure clean text input.

  • logo (String): The URL to the organization's logo. This provides a visual identifier for the organization.

  • url (String): The organization's official website URL. This is useful for users who want more information or wish to visit the organization's homepage.

  • email (String): The contact email address for the organization. This is essential for communication or inquiries.

  • phone (String): The organization's primary contact phone number. Like other string fields, this is trimmed to remove unnecessary spaces.

  • country (String): The country where the organization is based or primarily operates. This helps in identifying the geographical location of the organization.

  • created_at (Date): The date and time when the organization record was created in the database. Defaults to the time of record creation.

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